Sunday, 2 November 2014

Things I wish were in my closet right now

Things I wish were in my closet right now

1. Mermaid Print Skirt ($20) | Love the whole concept of this.  Who doesn't like mermaids?

2. Boo Bitches Halloween Shirt ($30) | I wouldn't only wear this around Halloween, it's too cool to hide in the closet.

3. Khaki Green Studded Denim Hotpants ($8.99) | Can see myself wearing these over leggings or tights with an over-sized jumper in Winter and a cute T in Spring/Summer.

4. Oasis Peter Ting Cropped Jumper ($64) | Have always loved anything with a bird print or design on it.

5. Cat's Meow Ring | Too cute! Anything cat-related will always have a place in my closet

6. Bill Blass Vintage Black/White Stripe Dress | What a sweet dress! Very rockabilly.

7. Muggle Born Harry Potter Inspired Quote Ring ($14) | As a Harry Potter fan, this ring belongs on my finger.

8. The Rogue + The Wolf Cat Ears Ring ($47) | Really like the design of this ring. It would match my cat-ears head band. 

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