Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Some of My Favourite Perfumes

 Like most gals I know, wearing perfume is part of everyday life.  Even if I'm staying home for the day, I still like spritzing myself with one of my favourite fragrances.  Apart from the obvious benefit of wearing perfume (to smell nice), there are other reasons why it has become a popular part of women's lives.

First, scent is a major trigger of memories.  If you're doing something special or feeling content about where you're at in life, buy a new fragrance and wear it.  From then on, every time you smell that scent, you will be reminded of your happy occasion.  The other day, I walked up to a shop assistant and she instantly said to me, "Are you wearing Champ Elysees? I wore that on my wedding day!" I could tell from her energy that it had brought back fond memories for her.  

Secondly, many perfumes have relaxation properties, particularly those with citrus and floral notes.  You may not realise it, but wearing fragrances containing such scents will keep your stress levels at a minimum.  

Lastly, perfumes are an instant mood booster.  I know that if I'm having an especially bad day, the aroma of something pleasant can lift my mood considerably.  Pay attention to various scents and fragrances to see how they impact on your feelings.

Over the years, I have worn many different perfumes.  There are some I have worn just once and then there are those that I keep coming back to.  Here are a few of the fragrances that I never tire from...

Poison by Christian Dior ($130 50ml) | Spicy, woody, fruity.  Includes notes of coriander, wild berries, orange honey, tuberose and opopanar.  A dark and mysterious perfume that I tend to wear when I'm goth-ing it up

Champ Elysees by Guerlain ($146 75ml) | Delicately fruity and floral.  Includes notes of mimosa, rose, almond and melon. This is a day-time perfume that I wear often.

Naughty Alice by Vivian Westwood ($75 75ml) | Sensual and musky.  Includes notes of black rose, violet and ylang-ylang.  If I'm going to a party or special occasion, I find myself reaching for this particular scent.  An added bonus is the lovely trinket wrapped around the bottle's neck which can be worn as a bracelet.

Cheeky Alice by Vivian Westwood ($60 75ml) | Feminine, provocative and intense.  Includes notes of lily of the valley, peony, rose and musk.  Promoted as the "sexier older sister" of Naughty Alice, this perfume is mesmerising and magical.  It is another fragrance I tend to wear when going out.  And, another bonus - it also includes a bracelet for you to wear! 

So, go on and put that nose to work.  Once you have found a scent (or scents) that you are fond of, stick to it so that it becomes your signature fragrance.

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