Friday, 24 October 2014

Recent Buys

Shampoo Brush | $2.80 

This little pink gadget is meant for massaging your scalp when shampooing your hair, however the reason I bought it was to save my nail polish from chipping.  It is made from a flexible silicone which feels quite nice on your scalp without any harsh scratching.  The ergonomic handle also makes using this device very easy.  Washing my hair just got a little more exciting. Haha.

Hair ties | $2.80

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for cuteness.  So, it was only natural that I couldn't go pass buying these gorgeous little hair ties.  Yes, they are meant for kids, but who isn't a big kid at heart, right? I don't usually wear my hair up, however I may be doing so a little more often now that I have these! Kawaii!!

Simple Shine Control Moisturiser | $7.99

This is the first Simple product that I've ever tried and I must say, my initial impression of it is pretty good.  As someone who has relatively sensitive skin, most moisturisers that I use which claim to control shine, usually leave some kind of residue after application and also tend to make my skin feel tight.  This particular cream from Simple, however, had none of these side-effects! My face felt nourished and normal after applying it.  Although I feel that it hasn't really been successful in keeping my face oil-free, I will continue to use it purely as a moisturiser, as it definitely hydrates my skin in a gentle way.

Cat collar | $2.80

Selene playing with her toys in her new collar

A fancy new collar for Selene! Doesn't she look adorable in it? I don't usually put collars on her as she is a house cat, however, I couldn't help putting this one on.  I was a little hesitant to as I thought the little ribbon would be annoying for her, however she seems to be ok with it.  Love my little princess!

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