Wednesday, 29 October 2014

An Honest Look Inside My Handbag

My handbag - real or fake? I'll let you decide

Since beginning my adventures in the big wide world of blogging, I have noticed that there are many similarities between those that I have read.  One such similarity, is that people seem to enjoy sharing what lurks within their personal handbag.

Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed snooping into others' bags of goodies, most of which contain items that make one feel either, claw-her-eyes-out-jealous or does-she-really-carry-that-around? skeptical, I thought I would do my very own "What's In My Handbag" post.  WARNING: Nothing too interesting to see here...

  1. A Purse -- used for holding various items including money notes, coins, bank cards, drivers licences, sentimental photos, random dockets or scraps of paper that need to be shoved somewhere or other.
  2. A Mobile Phone -- historically used for phoning, but now basically manages every possible aspect of a human's life.
  3. An Umbrella -- a very handy device for preventing one from getting soaked in the rain or from one's eyebrows falling off.
  4. A Pen -- a clever little invention which uses ink to make marks on paper if one wishes to either write or draw.  This particular specimen however, is particularly useful as it also includes a rubber tip on the opposite end called a stylus.
  5. Tissues -- light-weight and paper-thin, these marvellous treasures can be used for a number of things ranging from absorbing snotty noses to transforming Cup As to Cup Cs.
  6. Mints -- small lolly-like lozenges intended to prevent one from being known as "that person with the foul breath.
  7. Nurofen tablets -- instant pain relief in a pill.  Good for headaches caused by too much blog reading.
  8. Earphone Box -- used for preventing earphone cords from tangling every other item in your bag up into one big ball.
  9. Band Aides -- self-adhesive strips used for any bloody accident that may come your way or, in times of desperation, nipple covers (don't pretend like you've never done it).
  10. Lipstick -- a breakthrough discovery in Beauty that, when applied to the lips, makes even the least-attractive person feel good about themselves.
  11. Hand-held Mirror -- a small portable reflective device commonly used for checking one's face throughout the day.  Also very handy for post-lunch teeth checks, especially if asparagus was involved. 
So there you have it folks.  These are just a few of the must-have items I carry in my handbag. Not as glamorous as some of yours, but very practical to me.  

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