Monday, 29 September 2014


Getting cosy on my bed with her toy pig
Woohoo! My first post!  I thought I would begin my blog with some pics of my most beautiful baby, Selene.  She is a medium-haired domestic cat whom I got from my sister's friend last year.

She is now 1 yr 7 mths old and has an attitude that would rival that of a tiger. Sure, she looks cute but looks can be very deceiving! I am the only one who is able to touch her. None of my family or friends can as she hisses and swipes at them.

A few days ago, I had to take Selene to the Vet as she was visiting her litter tray often and peeing frequently in small amounts.  I also noticed a bit of blood on the edge of her tray, which freaked me out.  Thankfully, after examination, Selene was diagnosed with cystitis (which is not serious if caught in time) and is now on antibiotics.

Selene is so special to me, as she came into my life at a rather difficult time and provided me with joy and comfort. Although she may come across as unfriendly to others, to me she is my angel.

    Snoozing on her favourite cushion

Watching Bold and the Beautiful with me 
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Christina Foster said...

Awww its the rump shaker!

️Poison. Peridot said...

Haha, funny! She ain't doing much shakin' in these pics ☺️